Adani is still under investigation by the Queensland Government for ...

A new study has found the strongest opponents to GM food think they know the most, but tend to know the least.

Melbourne council is now 100 per cent powered by renewable energy.

The controversial $444 million grant to an obscure Great Barrier Reef charity did not comply ...

Water authorities are rushing to respond to mass death events in the Murray-Darling basin.

Experts say Antarctica is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s.

The big banks appear to be getting back into fossil fuels.

China’s space agency says cotton seeds planted on the far side of the Moon have sprouted.

British researchers have modelled the immediate phase out of fossil fuel.

Local researchers are the first in the world to eavesdrop on ecosystems to monitor wetland restoration.

Regulators have approved oil and gas testing in the Great Australian Bight this year.

Australian researchers have found termites play a critical role in helping tropical rainforest plants survive drought.

Safety issues have forced the closure of recycling facility in Canberra.

Experts say all infants should have egg and peanuts introduced to their diet in their first year of life.

Approval has been granted for an 800MW wind power project in Victoria’s Golden Plains Shire.

Australian researchers have found a new complex carbohydrate in barley - the first of its kind to be discovered in over 30 years.

Experts fear whole populations of local native fish have been wiped out in the Lower Darling River.

Researchers are calling for as much information on sawfish as they can gather.

Environmental lawyers say Adani unwittingly has provided “persuasive” evidence into allegedly illegal works ...

Most Australian businesses now see environmental matters as their most important operational issues.

Australian electricity prices are falling overall, but there is significant variation between jurisdictions.

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