Tasmanian researchers have found a living throwback to one of the earliest lifeforms on Earth.

Researchers have embarked on a multi-phase project to save the Great Barrier Reef from further damage.

New research suggests livestock have been directly responsible for about 23 per cent of annual global warming.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has proposed amendments to the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

Many animals sound an alarm to alert others of impending danger, but it appears that crested pigeons do this in a surprisingly non-vocal way.

Both sides of SA Parliament are coming together to convince the Federal Government to split the water and agriculture portfolios.

Researchers have attached Fitbit components to sharks to aid in monitoring and conservation.

Tassal says it will not dump treated wastewater from its Macquarie Harbour pens back into the harbour.

Over 15,000 scientists have signed a warning letter about the Earth.

The owners of Victoria's Hazelwood coal mine will face accusations of causing air pollution during a mine fire.

The NT Government has been accused of leaving Katherine's medical staff in the lurch about the health risks posed by PFAS chemical contamination in the town's water supply.

Medibank Private is moving away from high carbon investments.

New research suggests global electricity industry C02 emissions could be brought to zero by 2050.

A major Australian windfarm is adding non-subsidised battery storage.

The world’s biggest mining company has told conservationists it is not fully on board with the industry’s major lobby.

South Australian political parties have been called on to commit to collecting the natural resource management levy at the state level.

Researchers may have discovered the chemical spark that led to life on Earth.

Researchers have looked at the most water-efficient crops for the future of agriculture.

The UN says it is very likely that 2017 will be one of the three hottest years on record.

Victorian conservationists have won an injunction stopping the clearing of old-growth trees in the Kuark forest.

Research has shown that even some of the most stress-resistant WA coral is susceptible to bleaching.

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