Astronomers have solved a mystery of ‘missing matter’, which was considered an embarrassment to the field before.

Scientists say climate change in the deep oceans could be seven times faster by middle of century.

Australia could be heading into a new ‘pyrocene’ fire age.

The NT Government has proposed building an army to fight a vicious invasive weed.

A mass fish kill in NSW has sparked anger.

Reports suggest Murray-Darling systems were not assessed for endangered listing because the Coalition would not support it.

Scientists have synthesised an anti-inflammatory tick spit protein for the first time.

Australia’s recovery from COVID-19 will be led by gas, according to the Federal Government.

The iconic chimneys of the Hazelwood coal-fired power station have been knocked down.

Next-generation perovskite solar cells have passed strict international tests.

The Energy Minister has released a discussion paper on technologies to drive economic recovery in Australia.

Experts say diverting food waste from landfill could be a goldmine for local governments.

The Darling River is flowing for the first time in two years.

Scientists have successfully produced coral that is more resistant to increased seawater temperatures.

A new study has found each roaming pet cat kills 110 native animals per year on average.

Australian researchers have developed a self-repairing rubber made entirely from waste materials.

A fight has broken out over funding for monitoring the rehabilitation of a uranium mine.

The Federal Government may allow its clean energy agencies to fund carbon capture and storage from fossil fuels.

The operator of Hazelwood mine has been fined over a major fire that burned for several weeks in 2014.

Youth activists are preparing a legal challenge against a Clive Palmer coal project.

A major Australian gold mine will soon get most of its power from renewable sources.

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