The Coalition has scored 4/100 on the Australian Conservation Foundation’s climate change policy scorecard.

CSIRO scientists are trying to find exactly which species of blue-green algae caused the mass fish deaths in outback NSW this summer.

A $250 million gas import terminal in New South Wales has been given the green light.

Adani does not have enough water permits to cover the construction of its Carmichael mine, analysis suggests.

Richard Di Natale has criticised Labor’s $1.5 billion plan to unlock gas reserves in northern Australia.

It appears that caffeine can help solar cells more efficiently convert light to electricity.

An anti-coal convoy has been met with a frosty welcome in the tiny Queensland coal-mining town of Clermont.

The Greens want $1.59 billion worth of legal reforms, including a boost for legal aid and domestic violence prevention.

Solar companies are feeling the strain of the Victorian Government’s freeze on a solar panel rebate program.

The Coalition appears to have signed off on a controversial uranium mine one day before calling the federal election, and did not announce it until the day before Anzac Day.

NASA has reported the first ‘Marsquake’ ever recorded.

Climate change is forcing reef corals to move away from the equator and towards the poles, researchers say.

Barnaby Joyce wants to redirect water to the desert to reduce the effects of drought.

Scientists have created a 40-square-kilometre sanctuary for native Australian animals.

Experts have come up with a new estimate of sea level rise from glaciers.

A lengthy convoy is travelling up Australia’s east coast to protest Adani’s planned Carmichael mine.

Administrators have revealed the inner workings of a now-collapsed wave energy project.

The Greens want to set up a $2 billion nature fund paid for by polluters.

Australia’s recycling industry may not be doing nearly as much recycling as many people believe.

Construction of the $125 million UQ Warwick Solar Farm is now under way.

A new report has found that climate change and water access agreements led to mass fish deaths in the lower Darling.

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