New research suggests protected areas alone are not enough to save Australia’s threatened species.

A draft report says the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) could be split into two separate institutions.

Firefighters are gaining control over a factory fire in Melbourne’s west that has burned for nearly a week.

A new study has found companies with more gender-balanced boards are better for the environment.

Australian researchers have identified a new superbug in hospitals that is capable of causing near-untreatable infections.

SA has approved trials of a controversial mining technology that is banned in other states.

Anti-coal protestors stopped rail movements into Newcastle Port for several hours on Monday morning.

The Queensland Government says it will put downward pressure on electricity prices through a new renewable energy body.

Facebook says it will source 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020.

A new robot could soon patrol the Great Barrier Reef, spotting and attacking crown-of-thorns starfish.

A new research centre will focus on the emergence of a new renewable energy market – organic printed solar.

The new energy minister has been outlining his plans for the portfolio.

South Australia's Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission will not cross–examine federal officials.

Scientists say giant dams could turn north QLD, WA and the NT into even greater agricultural food bowls.

Researchers have uncovered some of the reasons Australian love bottled water despite having some of the highest-quality tap water in the world.

The former president of the NFF says federal politicians are ignoring the link between drought and climate change.

American legal activist Erin Brockovich has arrived in Australia for a lawsuit against the Department of Defence.

Two Cotton farm executives have been arrested over an alleged $20 million fraud involving water-saving funds.

Australian scientists are developing a new evolutionary tree for bacteria based on DNA.

A mothballed Queensland mine has been found to have contaminated waterways.

CSIRO has produced gold using a non-toxic chemical process without cyanide and mercury.

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