The federal court has ruled VicForests breached threatened species laws in a central highlands logging scheme.

Communities along the Murray-Darling Basin are calling for the urgent buyback of water.

The latest climate models show more intense droughts to come.

A study of tiger snakes has raised concerns about water quality.

Global energy leaders have highlighted the need for greater investment in clean energy.

The 64 victims of a devastating grassfire more than a decade ago will soon receive a share of $16 million.

Australian researchers are working on new methods to recycle rubber over and again.

Environmental approval has been granted for a new gas project in Queensland.

AEMO says that if the right measures are taken, Australia’s energy grid could support up to 75 per cent renewable energy.

The ACT government is looking to ban waste incineration for energy production.

Ausgrid is looking to expand its virtual power plant (VPP) scheme.

The Federal Government has spoken against raising its emissions reduction target.

A new coal mine has been approved for Queensland's Bowen Basin with little opposition.

The bushfire royal commission has been given an indication of the enormous toll on public health.

A relatively simple ICT issue has emerged as a major problem in Australia bushfire response.

Astronomers have solved a mystery of ‘missing matter’, which was considered an embarrassment to the field before.

Australia could be heading into a new ‘pyrocene’ fire age.

Scientists say climate change in the deep oceans could be seven times faster by middle of century.

Reports suggest Murray-Darling systems were not assessed for endangered listing because the Coalition would not support it.

Scientists have synthesised an anti-inflammatory tick spit protein for the first time.

The NT Government has proposed building an army to fight a vicious invasive weed.

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