States and territories could cause trouble for the Federal Government’s coal power subsidy plan.

Fossil footprints have pushed back the date of human occupation in North America.

Victoria’s green regulator is being taken to court for allegedly failing to limit climate pollution.

A new report raises some serious integrity concerns with Australia’s ‘junk’ carbon credits.

Victoria’s electric vehicle tax is facing a high court challenge.

Australian researchers are developing new technology that can suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Reports say NSW sought to increase its Basin Plan water limits, and caused concern about the fallout.

Tasmania has a new plan for salmon industry sustainability.

The Federal Government has approved a mine expansion that was challenged in court by school students.

A new company is trying to raise money for what it calls an “infinite recycling” process.

One of South Australia’s largest drinking water treatment plants is now being powered by solar energy.

Tests of a shark-repelling surfboard suggest it can cut the likelihood of attack by two-thirds.

Australian researchers are finding ways to get more power from wastewater.

UN chief Antonio Guterres says the world is on a “catastrophic pathway” to a hotter future.

The Federal Government has put up funds for a proposed hydrogen export project in Queensland.

A UK-based data analytics firm is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help activist investors maximise profits.

Exposure to toxoplasma, a disease carried by cats, may increase the likelihood of developing psychosis in young people already at risk.

ANU astrophysicists have uncovered the previously unknown origin of gamma-rays.

Local governments say they are being left out of Australia’s efforts to address and respond to climate change.

Doctors are now urging the Federal Government to take on stronger climate change targets.

The Federal Government is funding a new range of meat and dairy alternatives.

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