Planning approval has been granted for a 300MW solar farms near Gladstone in Queensland.

Energy Australia says the NEG is not inherently pro-coal.

Experts say Australia’s ecosystems are at a ‘tipping point’ ...

One in three fish caught worldwide never make it to a plate, according to new UN stats.

Zoos Victoria has dumped Nestle products from its zoos over a palm oil controversy.

New analysis shows Australia reached a 19 per cent share renewable energy in the year to June 30.

The Murray-Darling basin is mentioned in a new United Nations report about global water issues.

Brass fittings and taps that can leave lead in drinking water are being sold nationwide.

A new centre has been set up to focus on biosecurity across Northern Australia’s prawn aquaculture industry.

Sick and injured sea turtles will stand a better prospect of recovery after upgrades at Charles Darwin University’s turtle rehab centre.

Complaints about suspected illegal land clearing have increased in NSW.

Australian scientists have discovered the oldest colours in the geological record.

The northern Tasmanian town of Deloraine has been put on a boil water alert with no end in sight.

Authorities have issued a recall of frozen vegetables due to listeria fears.

The Ai Group says Australia needs to resolve its decade-long war on climate and energy policy ...

Adani could be ordered to cease work near its Abbot Point coal terminal and planned rail corridor, after traditional owners applied to protect sacred sites.

Scientists say electricity could help spiders take flight.

Councils have reacted poorly to NSW’s attempt to ease recycling issues.

Tony Abbott wants Australia to pull out of the global climate agreement he signed the nation up for.

There are calls this week for the Commonwealth to intervene on controversial brumby culling plans.

Researchers say irrigation is depriving waterbirds of nesting sites in Australia's most important wetlands.

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