Details have emerged of Rio Tinto’s decision to destroy the ancient Juukan Gorge rock shelters.

A remote WA town is pushing to build a multi-million-dollar processing plant that Malaysia wants banned.

ARENA has announced $838,000 in funding for an electric vehicle (EV) smart charging trial across the NEM.

Victoria's First Peoples' Assembly has held its first formal Aboriginal treaty talks with the State Government.

Reports say the Queensland Government has been warned that its conservation underfunding is not sustainable.

Millions of litres of beer that expired while the SA hospitality industry was shut down has been used to brew renewable energy.

Indigenous contributors have launched new best practice guidelines for land and sea management.

European scientists have figured out how to track space junk continuously.

Experts say used personal protective equipment (PPE) can, and should, be transformed into renewable liquid fuels.

A prominent NSW irrigator has been acquitted of taking water from the Barwon-Darling system.

Experts have found $40 million worth of heavy metals, including silver, in underwater sediment near the South Australian regional town of Port Pirie.

The Australian Energy Market Operator says Australia is in the midst of possibly the world’s fastest energy transition.

Australia’s leading fossil fuel lobby wants a faster approval process.

A project by Boeing and the CSIRO has found hydrogen can significantly reduce aviation emissions.

Northern Australia is at risk of severe coastal flooding impacts, which are set to soar by the end of the century.

Tiny organisms that cover desert soils appear to be critical to supporting the world’s shrinking water supplies.

ARENA has undertaken a new initiative that will ask industry figures about ways to reduce emissions.

The CEFC has contributed millions to a WA lithium project.

There is a strong call for the Federal Government to tax the fossil fuel industry for a climate disaster fund.

There is an alarming inequity of Aboriginal water rights in NSW.

Scientists have discovered a 100-million-year-old bacteria living under the South Pacific seafloor.

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