Funding has been provided for two large-scale, grid-connected batteries to shore up Victoria’s power supplies.

New marine park management plans have been labelled the “largest removal of marine area from conservation ever”.

The Queensland Government says it wants the state to stop being used as a dumping ground.

With over 500 sharks caught in Queensland’s nets and drumlines in a 12-month period, conservationists want change.

A large-scale, real-world experiment has shown the risk of increasing ocean acidification to the Great Barrier Reef.

Six people have now died in a rockmelon-related listeria outbreak.

Researchers have replicated a platypus milk protein in their mission to create new antibiotics.

Most Australians accept mining and have positive views of its economic role, but they hold low levels of trust in in the industry, according to a new survey.

State governments are investing enough in renewables to render the Turnbull government’s energy policy useless.

The question of whether agriculture or social structure came first in human development has long been a point of contention with historians.

March 22 is World Water Day – a day set aside to focus on one of the most important elements of life on Earth.

Experts say a single marine heatwave has been found to have released around nine million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere – an amount equivalent to 1.6 million cars driven for 12 months.

Tasmania’s three main salmon producers are in court this week.

Researchers are eavesdropping on fish to understand how healthy waterways are.

Australian scientists have developed a world-first, graphene-based filter that can remove more than 99 per cent of organic matter ...

Plans to build a wind farm between Canberra and Goulburn have been withdrawn.

Experts say the Federal Government’s health advice on PFAS chemicals must be changed.

Researchers say a period known as the ‘Boring Billion’ is beginning to look a lot more interesting.

Councils are scrambling to avoid a recycling crisis, as China’s restrictions on foreign waste materials begins to bite.

VicForests has been charged over alleged illegal logging.

The Land and Environment court has ruled the NSW Government's land-clearing laws are invalid.

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