The CSIRO says an active transition to a zero-carbon electricity system will need financial incentives.

A common caterpillar could be the key to reducing waste from the trillion polyethylene plastic bags we use each year.

Researchers are looking at the idea of making the clouds above the Great Barrier Reef brighter in order to cool it down.

Neuroscientists have shown that gut bacteria “speak” to the brain to control food choices in animals.

The Federal Government could phase out harmful firefighting chemicals.

South Australia is lining up to become a leader in hydrogen fuel production.

Public health risk experts have pushed for high-tech solutions to keep beachgoers safe from sharks.

Researchers have come up with a cheap, rapid test to identify disease-causing bacteria that have developed resistance to the so-called ‘antibiotic of last resort’, colistin.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Tasmania could become the “battery of Australia”.

Volkswagen has been ordered to pay a $US2.8 billion criminal penalty for cheating emissions tests.

Scientists and supporters of science will march in support of science this Saturday.

Widespread mockery is the latest hurdle in the Federal Government’s plan to move APVMA workers to Armidale.

MIT has unveiled a new technology that can draw water directly from moisture in the air in the driest of locations.

Researchers have analysed seaweed around volcanic seeps to assess their response to ocean acidification.

Experts have warned the Gulf of Carpentaria could suffer a second surge of mangrove dieback and further ecosystem damage.

Three tiny Australian satellites are on their way to the International Space Station (ISS).

A mine on NSW’s mid-north coast has been shut down for not paying environmental rehabilitation costs.

Australian experts say they are “deeply concerned” by the death of a woman from an antibiotic-resistant bacterium.

An army of Twitter users are pushing suspiciously similar messages in support of Adani’s Carmichael mine plans.

Experts say increased CSG extraction could result in more methane emissions in QLD’s Condamine River.

The residents of Bruny Island are looking at what could be a solution to the nation’s energy issues.

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Rates of autism diagnosis have increased 20 fold over the last 30 years, and no, it’s not because of vaccines.

NASA has sent a robot into space that will hitchhike through the Solar System on the back of an asteroid.

I went to a science talk looking for controversy but all I found was science.

‘Ninety-seven per cent of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming’ – a statement about agreement that not everyone agrees on.

There is excitement in the world of astronomy, with suggestions our solar system could contain a never-before-seen planet.

Researchers say they have evidence that an object about ten times the mass of Earth has been hiding in the outer solar system.

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