There is concern that “widespread” illegal logging is putting Melbourne’s drinking water at risk.

Australian scientists say their new technology could make all plastic recyclable.

New recordings show the Earth singing a strange song when the Sun is having bad weather.

Synthetic biology could transform Australia’s agricultural sector into a $100 billion industry.

Emissions of a greenhouse gas considered worse than CO2 are rising faster than previously thought.

A team of ‘underwater gardeners’ is working to stem the decline of an endangered seagrass.

A religious leader says the water market is infringing on the spiritual needs of people in the Murray-Darling Basin.

South East Queensland's combined dam levels have dropped to 60 per cent.

Save the Children Australia has become the first socially focused NGO to join the UN's Green Climate Fund.

The Senate has passed legislation aimed at driving power prices down...

Climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children, and Australia is at significant risk of health decline too.

The WA Government was warned that Carnegie Clean Energy was a big financial risk before giving is $2.6 million in taxpayer funds, reports say.

A senior DFAT worker is being investigated for her links to animal activist groups.

A coalition of Sydney councils has pledged to recycle 45 million glass bottles and buy more recycled material.

New South Wales public servants have been told “not to discuss the link between climate change and bushfires”.

Bushfires on the east coast of Australia may take months to fully extinguish, authorities say.

Experts say Australian national parks are worth about $145 billion in health benefits.

Antidepressants polluting waterways could change fish behaviour.

Healthy mangroves are needed to fight climate change on coral reef fisheries, research suggests.

A mine joint-owned by Rio Tinto is polluting a community in Guinea, villagers say.

The Australia Institute says Norway stands to gain the most from Bight oil.

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I am Tim Hall; a red-blooded, beer-drinking, Commodore-driving Australian male who has no interest in watching sports – at least, not the sports played by humans.

This week marked an astounding leap forward, scientifically speaking - taking a picture of something that cannot be seen.

Chiropractic is a surprisingly popular form of alternative medicine - so mainstream that it’s hardly ‘alternative’ and so non-scientific that it’s barely ‘medicine’.

Our cars are being programmed to kill us.

Blockchain is the programming that gives Bitcoin its value, but it could be much more than that. Blockchain could change the world.

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