NSW’s Legislative Council has blocked long-awaited reforms to floodplain harvesting.

A NSW gold miner wants an enormous water licence from the state government.

Researchers are working out how sharks use the Earth’s magnetic field to guide their international adventures.

The MDBA has told the NSW Government to revise almost all of its 20 water resource plans (WRP).

Australian experts have shown that next-gen solar panels can run cooler.

Scientists are flying small drones in a grid formation to monitor the environment.

Making fossil-fuel industries pay for diesel could save Australian taxpayers $7.8 billion a year.

One of Australia’s biggest gas producers has welcomed the Federal Government’s National Gas Infrastructure Plan.

A new company is turning an old power station into a battery and industrial zone.

Approval has been granted for Australia's first net-zero hybrid power station.

The Federal Government is funding some of the largest hydrogen electrolysers in the world.

Some major South Australian energy projects could soon go up for sale.

NAB is helping to finance the world's largest coal export terminal, but with a number of green conditions.

The Federal Government is spending $600 million to create the National Recovery and Resilience Agency (NRRA).

Engineers have created a farming robot that uses lasers to kill 100,000 weeds per hour.

Traditional owners have moved to close parts of Kakadu over a “lack of respect” for sacred areas by Parks Australia.

The discovery of a new organism could solve a common problem in wastewater treatment.

Australian nuclear scientists are helping gather extra power from waste heat.

Locals have rejected the Federal Government’s plan to build a new gas-fired power station.

Federal and state Murray-Darling Basin water ministers have agreed to a 2024 deadline for new water-saving projects.

New research shows coral can fight back against crown of thorns starfish.

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