The Federal Government is working on a “capacity mechanism” to ensure stability in the national electricity grid, paying coal and gas generators for reliable supplies.

Experts say an end-of-life plan is needed for wind turbine blades.

Twenty-two hectares of land formerly known as Fraser Island has been returned to traditional owners.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the ongoing La Niña event might persist into 2023.

Climate change is slowing down the ocean currents that circulate warm water.

Experts are questioning whether the ethics of synthetic biology are fit for purpose.

A species of worm with an appetite for polystyrene could be the key to plastic recycling on a mass scale.

Experts have tested telecoms cables on the seafloor as a detector for earthquakes, tsunamis and the effects of climate change

Australia’s major gass lobby says spot price markets and coal failures are behind recent pressure on power prices.

Twenty years of citizen science appears to back up findings on coral bleaching.

A new report suggests Tasmania's highest emitting industry is logging.

Researchers are embarking on an immense detective effort to help revive a calving ground that was smashed by the whaling industry.

The NT Government has been accused of trying to open up more areas to water extraction.

Australian researchers have created a platinum catalyst at room temperature.

The European Union has ruled that all smartphones will require the same charger from 2024.

More delays suggest Snowy Hydro will not be the saviour that the former LNP government claimed it would.

Australia’s energy woes are being exacerbated by coal-fired generator outages.

The NSW Government says it will invest $1.2 billion over the next 10 years into renewable energy.

Experts warn that loose renewable energy certificates could undermine emissions reduction efforts.

A study of prehistoric stone tools shows the interconnectedness of early humans.

Experts have found massive underreporting of direct coal mine methane emissions.

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