Energy Minister Angus Taylor has been promoting carbon capture and storage in Australia, but there is serious concern ...

Australian researchers have won the prestigious Ig Nobel in Physics for a bizarre experiment involving a drunk worm and a subwoofer.

The Federal Government is pushing for its renewable energy funding bodies to invest in non-renewable power sources.

Australia’s environmental scientists are being systematically silenced.

Questions are being asked about the levels of waste that a mining company is licenced to release into a Wollongong creek.

The NSW government has been ordered to revisit world heritage assessments for the Warragamba Dam expansion.

The Federal Government started work on new environmental laws before the report that was meant to inform them.

The SA Government wants to set up a “game-changing” seaweed farming zone.

New mineral-recovery techniques could make some low-grade mines more viable.

Local researchers have developed a new and easier on-site method to immediately and accurately detect and measure levels of PFAS.

The Australian water sector is helping South East Asian nations track COVID-19 in wastewater.

British research suggests that man-made noise pollution may be linked to increased risk of disease among fish.

Researchers have produced hydrogen from wastewater.

Researchers have discovered a tantalising hint that Venus may harbour life.

The Morrison government is preparing a sweeping intervention into Australia’s gas industry ...

Mining money has been used to create a high-tech fire-detection system for Australia.

Motorists may have to cover the cost of keeping Australia’s struggling oil refineries alive.

A central Queensland city could be home to a $300 million hydrogen production facility – the first of several.

South Australia was able to meet almost 94 per cent of its Sunday energy needs with solar power.

NAB’s CEO has explained why the bank is moving away from coal investments.

Young people say climate inaction is putting their lives at risk.

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