Australia has sunk in global climate ratings.

The Federal Government has referred Adani’s pipe plan for environmental approval without applying the federal water trigger.

Indigenous groups have warned the NSW Government against scrapping the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

New research shows Greenland has lost 3.8 trillion tonnes of ice since 1992 – enough to push global sea levels up by 10.6 millimetres.

Recycled material has been dumped in landfill in the weeks since a fire destroyed one of the Western Australia’s biggest recycling facilities.

Russia has suggested Australia follow its lead by building an offshore, floating nuclear reactor.

Experts have assessed the benefits and risks for marine ecosystems from carbon removal plans.

Sydney is now on level 2 water restrictions as New South Wales continues to struggle through severe fire and drought devastation.

Sydney's air quality index (AQI) hit 11 times hazardous levels this week.

Experts have created a high spatial resolution atlas that maps the environmental characteristics of all the globe’s rivers and catchments.

Almost 70 per cent of Queensland is now officially in drought, with eight new declarations this week.

There are calls for chemical analysis of airborne pollution in the Queensland mining town of Moranbah.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has backed coal exports as he prepares to tour regional Queensland.

Official forecasts predict power prices will fall in most Australian states and territories over the next three years.

Greenhouse gas emissions should set a new record this year, but the rate of growth has shrunk.

Internal documents suggest ANZ will drastically slash its lending to thermal coal mining.

Senators have called for an inquiry over Angus Taylor’s “clear breaches” of ministerial standards.

This year ends a decade of exceptional global heat, retreating ice and record sea levels driven by human activities.

Authorities have come together to warn the Federal Government not to attempt to curtail ‘secondary boycotts’.

A new Great Barrier Reef study shows how the reef copes with rapid sea-level rise.

New technology is allowing humans to see the world through the eyes of animals.

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