A new drug shows promise for treating multiple food allergies. 

A drug called omalizumab is safe and an effective treatment for multiple food allergies, according to clinical trials of the treatment in 462 people aged between one and 55, including 180 who took part in a 'gold standard' randomised controlled trial. 

At the first checkpoint of a recent study, 67 per cent of the group receiving the drug saw their tolerance of allergy-inducing foods improve, compared with 7 per cent of those given a non-active (placebo) treatment.  

At the second checkpoint, 41 per cent of people given the drug saw their tolerance improve against cashew nuts, 66 per cent against milk, and 68 per cent against eggs, compared with 3 per cent, 10 per cent, and 0 per cent respectively for the placebo group. 

The drug did not produce any adverse effects compared with placebo, apart from reactions at the injection site.

The full study is accessible here.