A NSW fisheries expert has voiced concerns over the suppression of scientific voices.

Dr Stuart Rowland, a respected native fish expert with 36 years of experience, accuses the Department of Primary Industries of muzzling experts on the ecological crisis befalling the Murray-Darling River system, including recent Menindee fish kills.

Rowland says there is a detrimental conflict between agricultural interests and fisheries conservation, compromising the transparency and honesty in departmental reporting. 

Media investigations have reportedly confirmed this widespread frustration among current and former NSW Fisheries staff over the river systems' degradation and the imposed restrictions on public discourse.

Rowland also criticises the overshadowing of scientific evidence by agricultural demands, which he believes has led to significant ecological repercussions for the Darling-Baaka River. “The river has been destroyed,” Rowland told reporters, calling for NSW Fisheries' independence to foster unimpeded and candid advice to the government.