Approximately 100 representatives from 15 countries attended the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies - From the Present to the Future – held in Melbourne.


The three-day conference at RMIT University was chaired by Professor Aleksandar Subic, Head of the RMIT School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.


The conference discussed issues such as the future of green cars, including electric powered and alternative fuel vehicles, lightweight vehicle technologies and intelligent vehicle systems.


RMIT hosted the conference as part of the Australian Automotive Week program sponsored by the Victorian Government.


Keynote speakers at the conference included:

  • Dr Matthew Cuthbertson, CEO, AutoCRC, Australia;
  • Professor Dr Gernot Spiegelberg, Head of Research Corporate Technology Division, Siemens AG, Germany;
  • Professor Dr Ingemar Denbratt, Head of Combustion Division, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden;
  • Dr Johannes Toepler, President of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association;
  • Professor Keqiang LI, Chair of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University, China;
  • Dr Bruce Bunting, Research Manager, Fuels, Engines and Emissions, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US.


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