Lobbyists for the gas resource industry are pushing the Federal Government expand offshore and coal seam projects to avoid a predicted shortage in supply.

A $6 million research partnership should allow a clean-burning synthetic fuel to hit the market, with CSIRO and its Indian equivalent coming together to light-up the new power supply.

A survey has revealed a considerable boom in the issue of patents for and investments in renewable energy.

Researchers at the University of Queensland have hit upon a pretty sweet idea, which could see lemons used to create clean, renewable jet fuel.

Ousted West Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has been awarded the recount he was looking for, after just 14 votes saw him dropped from his seat.

One town has been left so parched by drought conditions that it is trucking-in water every day.

Plans to build a facility that would store nuclear waste from around the world at a station in the Northern Territory are reportedly “progressing”.

There has been concern from a New South Wales environment group over the intentions of Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt, calling on him to publicly commit to thorough investigations of coal and gas projects near water supplies.

Scientists have shed light on the lives-of-plenty enjoyed by lithodid crabs in the deep sea, made possible by a constant smorgasbord of bacteria which themselves feed on accumulated methane.

An environmental impact study has been released for a proposed export facility at Port Bonython in South Australia, finding it could affect the seasonal cycles of giant Australian cuttlefish.

Neuroscientists have shown that virtually all primates follow a particular genetic code for brain development, showing humans are not the sole keepers of high-order brain functions for planning, complex decisions and speech.

There is concern today from the National Irrigators Council, who are pushing to stop part of the Murray River being listed as “critically endangered”.

Gravitational shifts have indicated something is happening in Antarctica, and a team of researchers from ANU are on their way to check it out.

One of the greatest contributors to our current knowledge of the Southern Ocean is stepping aside to make way for a younger model.

A study tour is bringing together researchers and community members from across the Arafura and Timor seas to share ideas for the future.

A milestone has been passed on the path to a paradigm shift in energy production.

Rail is on the rise across the country, according to a report from the Australasian Railway Association.

A new polymer has been created which emits white light more efficiently than organic LEDs.

A government department has recommended knocking back a proposal for a coal mine which may threaten the World Heritage listed Ben Bullen State Forest.

Years of work, millions of dollars but only a few kilograms of weight will be shooting down the highway from Darwin this weekend, with the start of the 3000 km World Solar Challenge race.

Queensland Universities have undertaken a study which could change the future of mining and environmental considerations in the state.

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