A new deal should allow the ACT to fulfil its water recovery commitments under Murray-Darling Basin Plan. 

The Federal and ACT governments have announced a $58.8 million “bridging the gap” deal, marking the ACT's commitment to return 4.9 gigalitres of water per year to the river system.

The agreement is part of a broader initiative that last month saw the announcement of an expected recovery of 26.25 GL/y through voluntary water purchase.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr has pointed out the wider regional benefits of the deal, emphasising the importance of cross-border cooperation for the health of river systems. 

“Our waterways are not bound by borders; we know that our actions in the ACT will positively contribute towards the health of the river systems across our region and further afield,” Barr said.

The Albanese Government says with the new deal, it will have recovered around 31 GL/y towards the 49.2 GL/y, or around 60 per cent of the remaining total target, across all seven catchments.