Driving Risk-Based Regulation Hybrid Conference


Two-Day Hybrid Conference
20-21 February 2024


As the journey towards risk-based regulation matures for some regulators and begins for others, the 4th Annual Driving Risk Based Regulation Conference is your opportunity to connect with regulatory peers, colleagues and experts from diverse jurisdictions. This event offers a unique platform to enhance your regulatory knowledge, exchange valuable experiences, and collectively navigate the path to a more effective risk-based regulatory approach.

The Hatchery’s Driving Risk Based Regulation annual series has gathered over 300+ regulatory professionals from various state and federal level regulators and departments across Australia and New Zealand at different stages of adopting a risk-based regulatory approach. Join us to enrich your understanding and shape the future of regulatory practices.

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Benefits of Attending:

  • Explore case studies from regulators who have successfully implemented a risk-based regulatory approach
  • Delve into the key components & challenges in building a regulatory framework
  • Learn how to establish internal risk governance processes to ensure consistency, transparency & build trust
  • Understand the role of proactive engagement in enabling compliance
  • Unpack the significance of quality assurance for continuous improvement

Hear from Key Speakers:

  • Cynthia Giles, Author, Next Generation Compliance: Environmental Regulation for the Modern Era
  • Brigadier Damien McLachlan, CSC & Bar, Director General Land Worthiness, Department of Defence
  • Adam Dent, Chief Executive Insurance & Board Member, NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Dr Sandra Cuthbert, Chief Executive Officer, Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  • Elizabeth Tydd, Information Commissioner, Information & Privacy Commission NSW
  • And more!

What’s new in 2024?

  • New International keynote from the US
  • Presentations from 5+ regulatory jurisdictions
  • Exploring themes on quality assurance frameworks
  • 5+ Case Studies featuring regulators on various stages of adopting a risk-based approach to regulation
  • 2 In-depth workshops delving into the key components of a risk framework

Who should attend?

Senior Representatives from state & federal regulators, regulatory agencies and local government regulators, government departments & associations responsible for: Risk, Compliance, Prosecutions, Behavioural Insights/Analysts, Strategy, Regulation, Intelligence, Audits, Policy, Regulatory practice & operations, Data Analytics, Audits, and Licensing

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