Free Webinar: The lateral accommodation space of NSW intertidal wetlands

Date: Wednesday 5 July at 1:30pm AEST

Presented by Dr Li Wei, Department of Planning and Environment, this free webinar will look at Sea-level rise (SLR) as a major environmental challenge for coastal ecosystems. Of particular concern are the impacts on intertidal wetlands, the loss of which would have detrimental consequences for both human and ecological communities. On the south-east Australian coast, case studies suggest that the future of intertidal wetlands will greatly depend on landward migration as surface accretion may not keep up with the predicted SLR in many estuaries.

However, due to differences in geomorphological settings and land-use, estuaries vary in their capacity to accommodate lateral migration. Regional scale assessment of the lateral accommodation space is therefore critical for pre-emptive planning to conserve these valuable coastal ecosystems. 

About the speaker:

Dr Li Wei has been serving as wetland scientist for NSW Department of Planning and Environment since 2006. Broadly, Li is   interested in applied ecology, especially issues related to   biodiversity conservation at population and community scales. His current research activities are mainly in wetland ecology with a particular focus on developing, evaluating, and applying models to assist wetland management.

His research covers both inland and coastal systems. While the work on inland floodplain wetlands focuses on the effects and outcomes of environmental water management, the study on coastal intertidal wetlands concentrates on evaluating the adaptive options to climate change, especially sea level rise.

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