Labor's NSW and federal branches have pledged $5 million each to fix water problems in Yass, if they win upcoming elections.

Queensland’s monsoonal rainfall has led to the release of water from Adani’s coal terminal.

BHP is looking for ways to both clean up legacy mining projects obtain biofuels from impacted lands and water.

A NSW court has ruled out a new coal mine on climate change grounds.

Australian Paper has completed a feasibility study on Australia’ first waste-to-energy plant.

The idea that renewable energy makes Australia’s electricity supply less reliable is “wrong and dangerous” ...

Australia is installing renewable power faster than any other country, on a per person basis.

The resources minister is pushing for more NT oil.

CSIRO has raised concerns that Australia is overstating its emissions reductions.

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick has challenged the cotton industry to justify its use of water.

Experts are working on plans for a commercially viable aquaculture industry across northern Australia.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority acted unlawfully, committed gross maladministration and ignored climate change ...

CSIRO has engineered mosquitoes to be resistant to the devastating Zika virus.

Scientists are rushing to save Tasmanian kelp forests.

An important Western Australian refuge for humpback whale mothers to nurse their newborn calves may no longer be the safe haven for them it once was.

New research has produced a more accurate map of our galaxy and revealed its true shape – warped and twisted.

NSW Labor says it may scrap the Wallarah 2 coal project, despite it having gained federal approval.

Poo transplants have been shown to be successful in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

WA has officially launched its big battery plan.

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