The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the environment is killing millions of people every year.

Illegal fishing in the Pacific Ocean costs over $600 million a year and is perpetrated largely by legal fishing vessels, a report has found.

Australia is preparing to take the lead on an energy source that is perfect for a nation girt by sea.

Australian engineers have unveiled a new type of graphene-based filter that work several times faster than current equivalents.

Biomedical engineers have grown functional sperm cells from stem cells.

The impact of Tasmania’s Basslink outage continues, as the government scrambles to patch up various services.

The engineers of the future say new cities will be designed according to the lessons of our biological past.

Humans spend much less time chewing than our primate cousins, and it may have actually helped us evolve.

A new discovery could see more tourists visiting one of Australia’s already best-known sites.

Top scientists warn that the CSIRO’s “trashed” reputation will see the next generation of experts seek work somewhere else.

Environmental experts want new conservation efforts to focus on some of Nature’s "ugliest" creations.

New modelling suggests that wild climate variability of the future will make the wettest land wetter, and soak dry land too.

Australian tree experts have helped foil a horticultural heist.

A senate inquiry into the rise of black lung in Queensland coal miners begins this week.

BHP’s Samarco joint venture has reached a settlement with the Brazilian government that will see it pay a minimum of $US1.7 billion over six years for a deadly tailings spill.

As rates of childhood obesity continue to skyrocket, new research shows there may be a surprising was to encourage a healthy diet.

New research backs up the idea that eating peanut products as a baby can help avoid the risk of allergy.

One of Australia’s largest rooftop solar installations has hit a new milestone – generating a whopping 312 kilowatts of power.

An outback WA council says if residents cannot control their rubbish, they will not get any benches to sit on.

Far North Queensland authorities are struggling through a perfect storm of reef destruction.

The chiefs companies hit with serious lawsuits often end up with a better reputation.

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