The age of hydrogen cars in Australia has begun.

Scientists say some parts of the world are covered in earthquake detection devices, but they are not being used.

The federal government’s Energy White Paper has received support throughout the resources sector, which is pleased to hear of measures to boost LNG.

Woodside Petroleum has come across some new gas off the West Australian coast.

The pressure is on for the Federal Government to improve drought assistance, as farmers struggle against seriously dry times.

Despite the charitable nature of volunteering, a new study has found one in three volunteers can experience workplace bullying.

Oil spill clean-up groups say they will be much better placed to respond to the next big event, having learned a lot since BP’s Deepwater Horizon debacle.

A common agricultural growth hormone appears to affect the sexual behaviours of fish – with some potentially serious ecological and evolutionary consequences.

The brontosaurus is back - revived after years spent wandering the taxonomic wilderness.

The New South Wales Government has put up tenders for the monitoring of coal seam gas impacts on groundwater, but some residents say it may be too late.

Radiation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has made it to a North American shoreline, but researchers say it does not pose a significant threat to human or marine life.

The Federal Government’s move to cut the carbon tax and favour the coal industry is paying off.

Coca-Cola has launched a new soft drink in Australia – the green-labelled Coca-Cola Life – but researchers say it is probably better for Coke’s bottom line than its consumer’s health.

Certain industries could be made exempt from the Renewable Energy Target, but the change will not come quickly enough for the Opposition.

Local experts say investing in solar energy can now bring solid returns while being friendly to the Earth.

New research shows school gardens can have a positive effect on children’s health, and the environment as well.

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