Federal authorities are moving to change laws in a way that would allow illegally obtained evidence to be used in court.

One regional capital and its residents will have to move, as rising sea levels bring oceanfront views too close for comfort.

A large sewerage spill has reached a creek just kilometres from Darwin’s CBD.

An experimental energy company has secured $US2 million to build a molten salt reactor that eats nuclear waste.

Conservationists are pushing for an overhaul of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, saying it has failed in its duties.

Australian researchers say people should be more aware of epigenetics, and the various ways that a parent’s experiences can filter down to their child.

Queensland’s wide range of wild weather is proving frustrating state-wide, with large parts suffering under drought conditions while others work to recover from floods.

An incredibly rare Australian fish has been bred in captivity for the first time.

Australia will sell uranium to India following several years of negotiation.

The chairman of the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council (BAC) has been slammed for the views he expressed in a recent article, which accused policy-makers of following biased research.

New modelling shows that Austrlaia’s energy giant stand to make billion from ar educiton in the Renewable Energy Target (RET)

BHP Billiton is splitting in two, spinning-off some of its less valuable divisions into a new company.

Research suggests that before a child is one year old, they already understand important differences between living beings and inanimate objects.

Tasmania wants to get into hemp, with vocal backing from numerous councils and MPs.

Government cuts to the CSIRO’s infectious disease research could not have come at a worse time, staff say.

A group of councils have used their combined voice to call for changes to water laws.

New analysis shows renewable energy is becoming the cheap and reliable option, while the uncertainty of gas requires a roll of the dice.

Media owner Rupert Murdoch says Australians should be greatly sceptical of climate change and its impacts.

Bio-engineers have created a brain-like tissue that shares some functions with our own grey matter, and they kept it alive in a lab for over two months.

Two updated reports this week show the Great Barrier Reef is still deteriorating.

Small bricks of compressed rice husk could save Nepalese women and children hours of hard labour and improve their health.

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