Research at the University of Melbourne and the Bureau of Meterology has overturned conventional ideas of ocean circulation.

Rather than moving simply in large clockwise (northern hemisphere) and anti-clockwise (southern hemisphere) gyres, the open waters of the southeast Indian Ocean are flowing east-west in bands, University of Melbourne PhD candidate Prasanth Divakaran and colleagues have shown.

The findings have important implications for our understanding of all sorts of ocean events from the movements of fish and marine life to the prediction of weather and climate.

Australian researchers have invented nanotech solar cells that are thin, flexible and use one hundredth the materials of conventional solar cells.

Sustainability Victoria and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) have not effectively fulfilled their roles in managing municipal solid waste and implementing the Victorian Towards Zero Waste Strategy, according to a report by the Victorian Auditor-General.

A letter signed by eight leading ecologists, all members of the Australian Academy of Science, has expressed concern that there is a lack of scientific input to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s  (MDBA) water plan.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has announced that it backs a price on carbon, provided it is accompanied by complementary measures that support the property and construction industry.

Siemens Ltd together with the City of Melbourne and Federation Square have joined together to release critical productivity research designed to bring Melbourne back to the liveability standards of #2 and #3 in the world with the release of new Picture the Future Productivity research addressing population growth, emissions intensity and urban congestion for Melbourne and Victoria.

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