The Victorian State Government has announced a series of grants worth a combined $3 million in an attempt to reduce waste that would otherwise contribute to landfill.


The funding will be used to boost recycling and waste recovery initiatives across metropolitan and regional Victoria.


"New recycling methods are good for the environment and for business, and we want to enable industry to adopt smarter recycling methods that benefit the environment, Mr Smith said.


A total of 16 individual projects across Victoria will receive funding from the Driving Investment for New Recycling Fund, including projects to recycle expanded polystyrene packaging and plastic film, light globes containing mercury, and timber.


Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA) industry body Executive Director Brendan Blomeley today welcomed the Victorian Government's announcement of grant support to fund the recycling of polystyrene.


"Expanded polystyrene is 100 per cent recyclable and the industry has long been calling for support from government to ensure it is recycled and does not end up in landfill," Mr Blomeley said.


"This is an excellent outcome for our community, our industry and, importantly, the environment, and the government deserves to be duly congratulated."