The Tasmanian Government has released Tasmania’s Action Plan to Reduce Emissions, which sets out the Government’s immediate priority plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions following the Tasmanian Wedges Report, and advice from the Tasmanian Climate Action Council.


The plan outlines six priority areas, developed from advice by the Tasmanian Climate Action Council on the Wedges Report, which the Tasmanian Government has identified for action over the next two years: 


1.    Work with Tasmania’s biggest emitters to understand the carbon price, and develop partnerships for emission reduction

2.    Generate more energy from renewable sources

3.    Help low-income Tasmanians and small-business use energy wisely

4.    Improve the energy efficiency of our Government buildings and public housing stock

5.    Understand the carbon value of Tasmania’s forests, and

6.    Consider short term targets for reducing emissions.


The new actions identified in the Action Plan will be delivered within existing agency budgets.


The action plan is available for download from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office website