The Victorian Government has released the findings from the review into Sustainability Victoria (SV), which State Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith says will help chart a course for a more effective investment in waste reduction and improved energy measures.


Commissioned to ensure that SV has maintained a clear vision and strategy for effective, targeted and practical outcomes on its core efforts, the review conducted an investigation into the effectiveness of the agency’s recycling, waste management and energy saving initiatives.


Mr Smith said the review has found that the agency had been allowed to fall into a position where it was failing to fulfil its legislative obligations under both the Environment Protection Act (1970) and the Sustainability Victoria Act (2005) on waste management planning.


"The review has highlighted the need for better investment in reducing waste, increasing recycling and helping home owners and businesses improve energy efficiency," Mr Smith said.


"Much of SV's funding comes from landfill levies and it is therefore completely appropriate for the agency to have a stronger focus on waste and recycling.


"Effective waste management plays a significant role in achieving broad sustainability outcomes. For example, diverting organic material from landfills helps reduce methane production – a potent greenhouse gas associated with climate change."


Key recommendations from the review include:

  • Re-establishing SV's state wide leadership in the area of waste strategy and program implementation in partnership with portfolio agencies.
  • SV working with the EPA to consider programs that support business to improve energy efficiency where there is a positive return on investment.
  • Invest in building capability and developing measures to evaluate triple bottom line outcomes including environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Develop a long term investment strategy for SV's programs funded from the Sustainability Fund to support waste and resource recovery.


"Sustainability Victoria will now focus its program delivery on a set of priority program areas that help Victoria improve activities around recycling, waste management and saving valuable resources such as energy," Mr Smith said.


The SV review can be found online at