A report has quantified the benefits of environmentally-minded building, with data showing the City of Sydney has saved millions with its Better Buildings Partnership.

Sydney has saved over $25 million on electricity by making better choices in new designs and retrofitting previous projects for a sustainable future.

Building emissions across participating sites were reduced by an average of three per cent each year from 2005/6, despite a 14 per cent increase in the amount of space leased over the same period.

“This 25 per cent cut in carbon emissions equates to more than $25 million saved on the members’ annual power bills,” Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“It shows how quickly strong leadership and a practical commitment can turn things around – and the value it can deliver for the bottom line... with half our city’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from its commercial buildings, the Better Buildings Partnership shows just how much can be achieved.”

Some buildings have made very dramatic cuts; installing high efficiency lighting, plant upgrades and multi-generation schemes that produce low carbon electricity and hot water for heating and cooling price reductions up to 70 per cent.

Co-chair of the BPP Emlyn Keane says: “We need to educate tenants on how they can reduce their energy use and adopt best practice leases that encourage landlords and tenants to work together to make major energy savings.”

“And we will continue to work with the City on the development of the renewable energy and energy efficiency master plans that will help to transform the city into a low carbon society.”

“It is vital that governments continue to support innovation in our industry so all buildings can make the 70 per cent reductions that some of our buildings have already achieved and share our energy saving lessons.”

More details of the ongoing success of the Better Buildings Partnership is available at their website