One of the world’s largest batteries has been switched on in Victoria. 

NEOEN - a producer of renewable energy exclusively - has taken less than a year to build and start operating its 300 MW / 450 MWh Victorian Big Battery. 

The battery storage facility is located next to Moorabool Terminal Station in Geelong. It was built in collaboration with Tesla and its Megapack technology, as well as network partner AusNet Services.

The Victorian Big Battery has a 250 MW System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS) contract with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). 

Initiated by the Victorian Government, the scheme unlocks up to 250 MW of additional peak capacity on the existing Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector (VNI) over the next decade of Australian summers. 

Under the contract, the battery will provide an automatic instant response in the event of an unexpected network outage, providing AEMO with an additional means of ensuring grid stability. 

The battery will also participate in the National Electricity Market and support increased penetration of renewables in Victoria through network services such as fast frequency control.

The Victorian Big Battery is intended to contribute to the modernisation of the Victorian electricity network and should be instrumental in helping the State reach its target of 50 per cent renewables by 2030. 

Independent analysis predicts that for every $1 invested, the battery will deliver $2.40 in benefits to Victorian households and businesses.