First listed on: 03 June 2024

Senior & Junior Power System Engineer|Grid Connection Engineer(Renewable Energy)



The core functions of the Senior Power System Engineer include the undertaking of conceptual design, modelling, and relative reporting

  • Working closely with HQ product, R&D, and modelling team to gain a solid understanding on hardware, software, RMS and EMT models of company products.
  • Support commercial team on bidding preparation by preparing model packages.
  • Support clients on modelling enquiries and troubleshoot model issues.
  • Working closely with HQ team to close clients’ issue trackers in a timely manner, to ensure the best technical outcomes for the projects.
  • Prepare and review technical notes or technical reports.
  • Support commercial team on relevant document review, particularly in relation to Generator  Performance Standards (GPS), R1, R2, etc.
  • Participate in R2 model validation site testing and hold point test report preparation.
  • Follow up on applicable technical rules, NER in particular.
  • Proactively stay up to date with all the latest technologies concerning company’s products and the underlying technologies.
  • Assist in market analyses, includes but not limited to customer’s demand and feedback, market trend, etc. 
  • Participate in reviewing and negotiating on connection agreements.
  • Participate in meetings of clients with regulator and market operator (AEMO) and network service  providers and provide support for clients where needed.

Senior and Junior positions available, with the possibility to be based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide across Australia

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