Persuasive Public Sector Writing Masterclass

Advance your Writing in Government for Impact & Influence


Wed 15th May Melbourne, Naarm
Wed 22nd May Brisbane, Meanjin
Tue 4th June Sydney, Gadigal Country
Thur 6th June Canberra, Ngambri, and Ngunnawal Country

All writing should be clear, concise, and correct.

Good quality public sector writing should also be professional, persuasive, and polished. Public sector writing can be challenging and time-consuming. You have to contend with different audiences, rigid deadlines, and complex topics.

While the basic skills of good writing are critical, you need more to meet the demands of more involved government communication. You need to be able to present every case confidently and well, regardless of who you are writing to or what you are writing about. You must be able to use words, structure, flow, and more to deliver compelling arguments and convincing information that people will want to read. 

It is about using writing to communicate complex issues clearly and with influence.

This masterclass will help you to make the most of your existing skills and practice new ones. It will also offer tips and techniques to make your writing easier, faster, and more effective.

Register and refine your skills, so your writing stands out, for all the right reasons.

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Attend and learn how to:

  • plan before you write
  • clarify what you are aiming for when you are writing
  • write for different audiences
  • recognise good writing and avoid common problems
  • be clearer and more concise
  • use structure to make it easier for your readers to understand your argument
  • use templates to save time and effort
  • write persuasively and improve the flow of your writing
  • save time when writing (and avoid multiple rewrites)
  • write about technical subjects to non-technical audiences
  • use active voice – to help both you and your reader
  • write executive summaries
  • address specific grammar and punctuation issues
  • develop your attention to detail

Who will attend?

This is a one-day workshop for public servants who want to improve their public sector writing skills. Attendees can be working in any department at any level of seniority and want to learn how to develop stronger writing skills.

Facilitated by:

Bev Sullivan
Director, Credence Consulting

Bev has decades of experience in running written communication workshops for public servants at all levels and from all tiers of government. Her specialty is helping people to use (and tweak) their existing skills and experience to make writing less of a chore and deliver better results.

With an extensive background in government, education and communication, she is very familiar with the challenges involved in producing excellent public sector writing.

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