A NSW Parliamentary inquiry will look at mining’s impact on health and the environment.

AEMO has unveiled some future energy planning scenarios.

Scientists have modelled the risk of ancient pathogens being released from melting permafrost.

New laws could see the Federal Government forced to consider climate impacts on future generations when approving ...

HEPA filters can provide a breath of fresh air in bushfire season.

The Productivity Commission has exposed the ongoing failure of state and territory governments to alleviate Indigenous disadvantage in Australia.

Some challenges have appeared in Gippsland's offshore wind dream.

Victoria is phasing out gas in new homes.

A whistleblower has told the US Congress that the government is hiding evidence of ‘non-human intelligence’.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has taken aim at fund management giant Vanguard, accusing it of duping investors in its $1 billion-plus ethical bond product.

Experts say long-term changes in waves and storm surges may not have impacted global coastlines.

Experts warn that a vital ocean current system faces imminent collapse.

The humble shellfish could be the unsung hero in revitalising the marine biodiversity of Port Adelaide's shipping harbour.

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan has hit a serious snag.

Melbourne Water projects have triumphed at recent landscape awards.

Australia's governments are coming together to tackle emissions from infrastructure construction.

The world's largest permafrost crater is now expanding due to the consequences of climate change.

Life in the deep sea may not be as sparse as once believed.

Authorities say they still believe Australia’s plastic stockpiles will eventually be recycled.

Renewables, led by wind and solar, have retained their position as Australia’s cheapest new-build electricity generation.

The NSW Government has imposed movement restrictions on certain materials originating from Queensland to fight the threat of fire ants.

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