The remarkable abilities of a robot named 'Morphobot' (M4) are highlighted in a new report.

Sand boils caused by groundwater discharges affect beach stability, yet knowledge of these damaging underground erosions is largely misunderstood.

The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) allegedly disregarded its lending guidelines in a barramundi investment.

Ancient stone artefacts have been found at an underwater spring off the Western Australia Pilbara coast.

Queensland scientists are conducting experiments to modify clouds and reduce the impact of global warming.

CSIRO has launched a new tool to help Australia sustainably manage its soil.

Environmental scientists have used cave stalagmites as a record of groundwater replenishment over time.

John Goodenough, 2019 Nobel Prize winner in 2019 for groundbreaking work on the development of lithium-ion batteries, has passed away at the age of 100.

The Productivity Commission has reviewed the federal Future Drought Fund.

Mining and energy workers have voted to split from the CFMMEU over differing stances on the renewable ...

The chemical waste company responsible for a massive 2019 industrial fire in Melbourne has been fined $2.9 million.

A major infrastructure investor will soon be chaired by its second successive Labor figure.

A new flexible detector may revolutionise greenhouse gas monitoring.

An audit has exposed deficiencies in NSW’s Forestry Corporation and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Funding is coming together for a renewable hydrogen project in Victoria.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have made significant progress in improving the efficiency of iridium-based catalysts for renewable energy.

Research from the US suggests financial risks from renewable energy transition are concentrated among the wealthy.

Australia has completed its first commercial vanadium-flow battery.

The World Bank says it will ease financing for countries hit by natural disasters.

A new study reveals shark and ray populations on Australian coral reefs are faring relatively well.

TEPCO is running tests ahead of a plan to release treated Fukushima wastewater in the Pacific.

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