The Australian Government has proposed creating a marine zone the size of Germany in the Southern Ocean.

Gold Coast Council faces an appeal after it rejected plans for water extraction near Springbrook National Park.

Officials want to establish a time zone for the Moon.

The Australian Academy of Science has urged governments to set targets for carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

Marine heatwaves are decimating sea urchins, molluscs and other life at WA’s Rottnest Island.

One of Australia’s biggest salmon farming companies reportedly tried to stop the public release of a report on antibiotic ...

Recently discovered whale feeding behaviour may have been observed in ancient texts.

ASIC is, for the first time, taking a company to court over claims of ‘greenwashing’.

The Federal Government has apologised for the impacts of PFAS contamination in one part of NSW.

Experts estimate that vehicle emissions could cause over 11,000 deaths a year.

The energy minister concedes that the Snowy 2.0 project is problematic, but says it will not be canned.

British scientists have calculated how much the war in Ukraine has affected global energy prices.

The Federal Government could restart water buybacks to meet Murray-Darling Basin Plan targets.

Serious questions are being asked about where Glencore can store waste carbon dioxide in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB).

New research led by scientists at CSIRO shows that future increases in the strength of El Niño may accelerate the irreversible melting of ice shelves and ice sheets in Antarctica.

An expert consultation process has laid out a path to decarbonisation in Australia.

Australian researchers have commissioned the biggest large-scale iron flow battery outside of the United States.

Australian and US scientists are combining their smarts to tackle global challenges.

Western Australia has announced plans to wean itself off coal entirely within seven years.

Federal environment minister Tanya Plibersek has threatened to regulate to improve recycling rates.

A government agency has explained a delay in plans for a new Indigenous ranger strategy.

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