A new study suggests many countries are underestimating methane emissions from offshore oil and gas production.

Experts say the temporary entertainment of fireworks has long-lasting effects on animals.

An iceberg the size of Hobart has broken off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

Thousands of people have applied for buy-backs in the wake of last year’s NSW Northern Rivers flooding catastrophe.

A new system uses satellite data to spot waste sites on Earth.

West Australian water authorities are cutting future water allocations across the Murray groundwater area by 40 per cent.

WA's new fishing rules come into effect this week.

Researchers have successfully split seawater to produce green hydrogen without pre-treatment.

India’s Adani Group is responding to allegations of “brazen stock manipulation”.

Plans for a $116 million hydrogen electrolyser factory in Queensland appear to be falling apart.

Authorities are scrambling to find a potentially deadly radioactive capsule lost in the WA desert.

NSW drivers are being given the option to offset CO2 emissions during annual vehicle registration.

Australia’s weather guru has been honoured in annual awards this week.

The Gomeroi people in New South Wales' west want major changes after a tribunal ruled in favour of a coal seam gas project ...

Western Australia is considering banning electrical and electronic waste disposal at landfill sites.

Microalgae and other microscopic plant-like organisms could help feed the world's growing population.

The rotation of the Earth's core might be reversing.

Experts say federal environmental laws are failing to mitigate Australia's extinction crisis.

Widespread flooding has prompted new calls for a carp cull in the Murray-Darling.

The Greenland Ice Sheet is now at its warmest in over 1,000 years.

Australian experts have developed a magnetic method to clean PFAS contaminated water.

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