Australia's largest private landholders have added to their portfolio.

Oceanographers have discovered more about why the eastern Great Australian Bight supports a year-round abundance of marine predators.

Europe is facing its worst drought in at least 500 years.

New research suggests Greenland's rapidly melting ice sheet will eventually raise global sea level by at least 27cm.

Australian researchers are analysing the first datable Mars rock samples.

New stats show significant amounts of PFAS are still entering rivers from contaminated soils on the Darwin RAAF Base.

South Australia now has an official Murray River commissioner.

Research shows humpback whales can learn songs from their neighbours.

CSIRO has charted Australia’s preparedness for the next pandemic.

The Greens want a new government authority to aid the transition to renewable energy in fossil fuel heartlands.

Researchers say by the end of this century, parts of Australia could see dangerous heat most days of the year.

A new synthetic mouse embryo could reduce the use of experimental animals.

Santos has paused drilling in the offshore Barossa gas field while it waits on a federal court decision.

Tougher seven-star energy efficiency standards are looming in Australia.

Snowy Hydro head Paul Broad has “offered his resignation”.

Teachers say they want support for more ‘nature play’ in primary education.

The Federal Government has opened up large new offshore gas exploration and storage areas.

An audit has found Victoria's logging agency VicForests cleared possum habitat and broke laws.

Experts say high carbon emissions threaten 90 per cent of marine life.

The Bureau of Meteorology says there is a 70 per cent chance of a third consecutive La Niña year forming.

Australian scientists have, for the first time, bred captive corals months outside of their natural reproductive window.

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