New studies have revealed a star from (relatively) early in the life of the universe.

The former head of CSIRO climate science has accused the federal government of gagging criticism.

The Federal Government has pledged “real action” to help the environment.

The Morrison government could cut climate spending if it wins the next election.

The Federal Government has been accused of pledging massive sums for new dams without looking at the details.

Environmental survey findings suggest there are no more platypuses in NSW’s Royal National Park.

Mass coral bleaching has been reported in the midst of a UN inspection of the Great Barrier Reef.

An Australian company is working on generating limitless power with giant lasers.

The federal Senate has blocked Angus Taylor’s efforts to have ARENA fund CCS projects.

Traditional owners are taking legal action to stop a massive Northern Territory gas project.

A wind farm in Victoria has been ordered to stop emitting noise at night.

A new project will see a major NSW port run on 100 per cent renewable shore power energy.

A new ‘hydrogen highway’ agreement has been signed by NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

A whistleblower has emerged from the authority set up to monitor the government's Emissions Reduction Fund.

A major gas lobby says no fracking will occur in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin without consent.

The Federal Government says it will put up a staggering $5.4 billion for a new dam in north Queensland.

Local researchers are looking at ways to remove toxins from polluted waterways and improve infiltration at urban wetlands.

Researchers say ‘invisible’ groundwater makes an annual contribution to GDP of more than $6.8 billion a year.

A new analysis has found that the Australian government is “aggravating extinction” through land-clearing approvals.

Scientists have issued a clear warning as UN experts inspect the Great Barrier Reef.

A toxic chemical linked to mass fish deaths has been found in an Australian waterway for the first time.

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