Reports say corrosion and leaking have been detected in several Queensland coal seam gas wells.

Scientists have used a deep planetary scan to probe the Martian core.

Scientists have measured the millions of tiny plastic particles that can come off Teflon pans during cooking.

The Federal Government has pledged to create jobs and spur investment in new energy industries.

Taxpayer funds are helping developer ACEN to build an 8 GW renewables portfolio.

The WA Government has put up $5.5 million to accelerate a planned Hydrogen Hub.

Experts say satellites can track power station emissions in real-time, leaving polluters nowhere to hide.

The NSW Government is looking at changes that would make it easier for farmers to benefit from agritourism.

An energy company has been fined in ASIC’s first action taken over corporate greenwashing.

Experts say everyday Australians are fairly clueless about their country's most endangered species.

This week’s federal budget reveals dramatically different priorities on water projects to the previous government.

The New Acland coal mine is set to restart after the Queensland government approved a key part of its plan.

This week’s federal budget brings new money and planned reforms for the Australian environment.

Researchers are making a major push to save Australia's koalas.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority says widespread flooding raises the risk of water quality issues.

A new joint management plan has been created for WA’s Ningaloo coastal reserves.

Experts say the world’s dependence on fossil fuels continues to threaten human health.

Tree rings are offering insight into devastating radiation from space.

South Africa's largest gold miner is buying up Australian copper.

The Federal Government says Australia will sign up to a global pledge to reduce methane emissions.

A Supreme Court challenge has been launched on the Victorian EPA's review of coal-fired power stations in Latrobe Valley.

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