Financial regulators have again warned that Australia risks losing out by not adopting new climate change rules.

The NSW Government has convinced Nationals MPs to support a net zero emissions target.

Researchers are attempting to use artificial intelligence to predict the next pandemic.

After a legal fight spanning a quarter of a century, the Barngarla people have been granted native title over Port Augusta.

Researchers from ANU have spotted warning signs of ecosystem collapse at a vital PNG wetland.

The world's most advanced land-monitoring satellite has been launched into orbit.

New data shows Arctic ice has hit a new record low.

State and federal governments want to push the Tasmanian salmon industry into deeper water.

The NSW Government predicts Sydney will face major water shortages within 20 years if current growth continues.

The warming planet requires urgent planning for heat and human health, experts say.

Engineers in the US are developing a new fuel source for Mars missions.

South Australia's big Tesla battery is being sued for not helping during the failure of a Queensland coal power station.

Fossil footprints have pushed back the date of human occupation in North America.

States and territories could cause trouble for the Federal Government’s coal power subsidy plan.

Victoria’s green regulator is being taken to court for allegedly failing to limit climate pollution.

A new report raises some serious integrity concerns with Australia’s ‘junk’ carbon credits.

Reports say NSW sought to increase its Basin Plan water limits, and caused concern about the fallout.

Victoria’s electric vehicle tax is facing a high court challenge.

Australian researchers are developing new technology that can suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.

One of South Australia’s largest drinking water treatment plants is now being powered by solar energy.

Tasmania has a new plan for salmon industry sustainability.

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