The changing climate is costing every farm, on average, $30,000 every year, experts say.

Experts say coal mine approvals in NSW will negate the state’s emissions-reduction measures.

The Hobart City Council has rejected a proposed cable car for kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

Local experts are working on a new method to extract health-promoting molecules from agricultural and food waste for new products.

Scientists say the Earth’s vital signs are worsening.

The Great Barrier Reef has avoided being labelled ‘in danger’.

Almost half of NSW’s big irrigators have failed to properly install meters on pumps.

Millions of dollars are being poured into an Australian lab-grown milk project.

New government funding may help find emissions reductions in some particularly difficult areas.

A former Rio Tinto executive has joined the board of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

Millions of new jobs could be created by meeting the Paris Climate goals.

Native title rights have been secured for more than three million hectares of land in outback Queensland.

A compulsory acquisition will see almost 150 hectares of southern Gold Coast land become one of the largest eco-parks in the country.

WA is joining a Zero Carbon Certification Scheme for hydrogen.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) says seismic surveys in the Pilbara are not impacting the abundance or behaviour of commercially valuable fish.

Some parts of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more carbon than storing it.

More greenhouse gases were produced in 2018 than any previous year, despite efforts to reduce carbon emissions...

The Federal Government says it may have the numbers to stop the Great Barrier Reef being listed as ‘in danger’.

Experts say that monster shark movies could be savage for shark conservation.

Experts say sponges and marine algae may have an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the ocean and atmosphere.

Major Victorian water authorities are collaborating on a new project to turn waste solids into carbon-rich charcoal.

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