The first true millipede - a bug with over 1,000 legs - has been discovered in Western Australia.

WA Parliament has passed cultural heritage protection laws that may not work.

The Federal Government is funding new efforts to keep fish in rivers.

Local experts have completed a major review of the effect of toxic firefighting foam.

Research shows a range of fish are needed to keep crown-of-thorns starfish in check.

Concern abounds after the Northern Territory awarded its largest ever groundwater licence.

Two of Australia's biggest industrial firms are looking at hydrogen-powered bulk freight trains.

The Queensland Government has dismissed cultural heritage destruction concerns at the Carmichael Mine.

Australians have assisted in the most challenging tests yet of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Researchers have used virtual reality bushfires to study peoples’ responses.

One of the world’s largest batteries has been switched on in Victoria.

NBN Co says it will run on renewable energy by the end of 2025.

Santos says its merger with Oil Search is now complete.

Advocates have welcomed a new federal recycling scheme.

A coalition of 40 West Australian Councils have signed up to immediately move to 100 per cent renewable energy.

The ACT is offering interest-free loans for electric cars to boost uptake.

An energy company has unveiled plans for a $4 billion offshore wind farm.

Researchers have discovered that some fish change colour to communicate with each other.

The MDBA says water for the environment is providing food and habitat for fish and other aquatic animals.

A new analysis suggests more than one hominin species was walking on two legs around 3.6 million years ago.

A naturally-born generation of coral has been produced by IVF parents.

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