Some of Australia’s most advanced technology has been used to survey groundwater in NSW.

New technology could combat predatory cat behaviours in native environments.

A new study suggests cyclones are getting more intense.

Australian scientists have shed light on one of the greatest mysteries of the humble eel.

CSIRO research has linked Australia's forest fires to climate change.

The Tasmanian salmon industry has formed a new alliance to protect its image.

Experts say the Sun may be a major source of water on Earth.

NASA has launched a test mission to defend planet Earth.

The Federal Government has officially picked a location for its planned nuclear waste dump.

Retiring the world's worst power stations could save six million lives.

A deal to form one of the biggest energy companies in the world has been signed off.

Experts are working on better ways for countries to collaborate on carbon credits.

The Morrison Government has intervened to stop state and territory governments from cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Progress has been made on a hydrogen development deal with Germany.

Woodside says it is moving ahead with its $16.5 billion Scarborough project off Western Australia.

APRA says company directors must to more to manage climate risks.

The diets of human males appear to be worse for the environment than the female diet.

The Great Barrier Reef has become a surging tempest of sexual activity, with mass coral spawning underway.

Experts say the fishing industry can play a role in reducing plastic pollution, but it has to understand the issue first.

The Bureau of Meteorology says a La Niña has developed in the Pacific Ocean.

Stanford University experts say methane could help make sustainable fish feed.

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