A WestConnex contractor has been fined $445,000 for “causing an offensive odour”.

In a world first, a drone fitted has streamed a live video seeking and identifying crocodiles at an accuracy of 93 per cent and a latency of less than one second.

A large-scale compressed air energy storage project has secured millions in backing.

A Victorian court has heard Hazelwood Power Corporation should have foreseen a fire in an open-cut coal mine that burned for weeks.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced funding to power the world’s largest green ammonia plant powered by renewable hydrogen.

Some SA residents will soon be polled about their views on a nuclear waste dump.

High-tech methods have helped preserve a centuries-old Aboriginal tree carving.

Most people appear to believe that environmental sustainability will hamper quality of life.

An increase in natural disasters caused by climate change will stretch the capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), according to Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell.

Scientists have decoded the DNA of coral and its microscopic supporters.

CSIRO has published the first ever estimate of commercial fishing gear lost in the world’s oceans.

Experts say the revolving door between politics and big lobbies can be bad for our health.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has boldly avoided a global climate summit, spending time with the McDonald’s burger menu instead.

Australian researchers have come up with a new, safe way to clean up oil spills using compounds equally useful as common household cleaning products.

There is a glaring and growing gap between global warming targets and reality.

Antimicrobial resistance among farmyard chickens and pigs is on the rise globally, with China and India particular hotspots for growing resistance.

Barnaby Joyce is being hounded over alleged reports he produced during his role as special drought envoy.

Australian researchers have developed a new method to detect microplastics in the ground using infrared light and powerful visualisation software.

Authorities are investigating a Melbourne river that has turned bright red, a year after a chemical fire contaminated the water.

The drone strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure has highlighted the fragile and interconnected relationship between crude oil supply and the global economy, experts say.

ExxonMobil has announced plans to sell its assets in the Gippsland Basin, off Victoria's south-east coast.

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