A new report has warned of a toxic “ticking time bomb” of coal ash waste.

A floating Russian nuclear power plant will soon take to the seas.

Whistleblowers in a Queensland contamination scandal have spoken out.

Australian researchers say hyper-thin ‘nanosheets’ could be a key ingredient for next-gen solar cells.

Former staff from of Tasmania’s state-owned utility company want compensation for exposure to dangerous chemicals.

APRA says businesses that ignore climate change could face a ‘Kodak moment’.

A report from the audit office has found Barnaby Joyce expanded a farm finance scheme against the advice of Treasury.

Two eucalyptus trees sacred to Canberra's Indigenous community have been cut down.

Over 150 religious leaders have called on Scott Morrison to block all new coal and gas projects.

A giant floating device is having a second attempt at cleaning up the huge, swirling island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean.

A major rocket launch this week sent 24 new satellites into space, including some for Australia ...

Farmers say the Ord River Irrigation Scheme (ORIS) is not doing as much as it could.

Experts are calling for an overhaul of river modelling and management.

Scientists are helping tourism businesses become Great Barrier Reef guardians.

US engineers have created a squishy robotic lionfish that has synthetic liquid 'blood' made of battery fluid.

A group of NSW farmers want to sell their water licences to people who will not grow cotton.

The federal fund for fighting climate change could be used to prop up coal-fired power stations.

Australian researchers have made graphene from eucalyptus trees.

Experts want power-saving techniques pushed nationwide.

AEMO says demand for electricity from households and businesses in WA is set to fall for the first time.

Billionaire businessman Brett Blundy has launched court action against Origin Energy over a plan for gas exploration on a Northern Territory cattle station.

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