Australia's meat processors want either side of politics to focus on soaring energy costs and labour shortages.

The Queensland government is seeking a further review of Adani’s groundwater plans.

An underground coal gasification (UCG) plant is bidding for a contract previously held by a renewable energy project.

A new robot is monitoring environmental water quality in Queensland.

A new report warns climate change is a major threat to Australia’s financial stability, and poses substantial systemic economic risks.

The UN’s former climate czar has called out “appalling inaction in Canberra” on climate change.

Australian scientists have produced a 400-year long record of El Niño events that many thought was impossible to obtain.

A new assessment of global biodiversity paints a gloomy picture of the accelerating decline of life on Earth.

A former Nationals MP has called on the party to push for a royal commission into water management.

Failures by the NT Government have allowed substandard iron ore mining operations to continue unchecked.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced $203 million to protect waterways and threatened species.

Unsealed rainwater tanks have been linked to Dengue outbreaks.

Residents of Palm Island off North Queensland have been told not to drink their tap water.

The Queensland Government has rejected Adani’s plan to protect an endangered bird.

A new pilot project is turning human waste into energy.

Two big protests over the weekend showed anti-fossil fuel sentiment remains strong.

The Bureau of Meteorology is working to revolutionise weather forecasting in WA.

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