Experts are celebrating the first production and export of “green hydrogen” from Australia to Japan.

The ALP has put together a climate change policy that includes tax breaks for businesses to buy electric cars.

The Morrison Government is mailing out cheques ahead of the upcoming election.

A US jury has awarded $114 million to a man who said his use of weed killer Roundup caused his cancer.

The WA Government has announced a broad-ranging inquiry into the health impacts of climate change.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says global carbon emissions hit a record high in 2018.

The MDBA says plans for governing water use across the entire Murray–Darling Basin are on the way.

A federal review has rejected “ungracious” objections to Aboriginal claims over NT river regions.

The Victorian Government has launched a new facility to save useful materials from landfill.

Authorities are dismantling a wave power unit in waters off Victoria.

Adani says it is ready to dig the Carmichael mine right now.

Australia’s underregulated solar industry opens customers to predatory sales practices, a new report warns.

NSW Water Minister Niall Blair has resigned following alleged threats and aggression.

A new aquifer project could be crucial for water management in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Chinese scientists have developed a process for converting plant waste into aviation fuel.

A new report says major power companies have used the closure of Hazelwood to gouge customers.

The new owners of a mothballed coal generator in NSW plan to restart operations.

A new project will see solar and wind farms providing their own short-term generation forecasts.

Scientists want volunteers to help unlock the secrets of the Universe.

The WA Government has rejected guidelines from its own EPA requiring major LNG projects to be carbon neutral.

Melbourne is riddled with stockpiles of hazardous and flammable chemicals.

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