Health advocates say almost 20 new diagnoses of coal dust diseases have emerged in Queensland workers in the last fortnight.

Research in the US is giving single-use plastics a second chance.

The Morrison Government will claim existing credits towards its Paris climate target.

Australian researchers have used liquid metals to turn carbon dioxide back into solid coal.

A Tasmanian council has blocked plans for a luxury campsite complete with helicopter access.

Darwin Airport has been accused of disregarding measures to prevent toxic PFAS chemicals flowing into waterways.

A new study has given an amazing insight into the last 7,000 years of Australian climate history.

Australian researchers are working on an improved wastewater system using algae to accelerate the breakdown of effluent.

The Federal Government has been accused of “undue secrecy” over legal advice about the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP).

Another Victorian recycling plant has been closed.

After almost 2 years behind bars, former NSW minister Ian Macdonald has been granted bail.

The Federal Government is topping up the Snowy 2.0 project as part of its pre-election renewable energy pitch.

The Federal Government has put up $56 million for a second electricity interconnector between Tasmania and the mainland.

Experts have identified renewable energy bottlenecks that may put emissions targets at risk.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a $2 billion boost to the scheme that pays big polluters not to pollute.

A new project is creating tech tools to combat Summer energy challenges and high power bills.

Research shows that the impact of mining on animals is being overlooked in most mine site restoration plans.

The APVMA expects its pay-out bill to reach $1.5 million, with 50 more staff to exit.

Glencore is capping coal production due to shareholder pressure.

A tiny moon has been found orbiting the gas giant Neptune.

New plans for oil in the Great Australian Bight have been released.

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