The charity regulator has stripped the activist group Aussie Farms of charity status.

The Federal Water Minister says one state is blocking plans for more oversight of the Murray-Darling Basin.

An inquiry has found that a container deposit scheme in Victoria could net the State Government $550 million.

The Australian Academy of Science is “greatly concerned” about the cherrypicking and misrepresentation of scientific evidence.

Researchers have for the first time measured the heart rate of the blue whale, and found it drops as low as two beats per minute when they dive.

CSIRO is auctioning its historic collection of bull semen.

Scientists have completed a new study on the extinction of Australia’s megafauna, and say their demise was not only because of people.

The Climate Council says the Northern Territory is lagging significantly behind the rest of the country in developing renewable energy.

Murray Darling water woes have been blamed for the loss of jobs from drought-hit towns.

New research suggests climate change will have a particularly negative impact on women.

South Australia's Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has discovered a large illegal waste dump.

Leading research groups have joined the UN to warn of ‘overinvestment’ in fossil fuels.

Analysis has found Australian hydrogen export projections have been exaggerated by factor of up to 11.

Alinta Energy is threatening the early closure of one of Australia's biggest coal-fired power stations.

Coral researchers have been slaving over a radical new project, rearing millions of coral babies.

WA's Mines Minister has officially opened stage one of a new mine-linked solar-powered microgrid project.

A new report warns Australia must stop burning coal by 2030 if it wants to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Experts have investigated the evolution of one of the world’s most dangerous antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

For years scientists have operated on the assumption that the universe is works under four fundamental forces ...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken against the environmental approval process for major projects.

Synthetic biology could transform Australia’s agricultural sector into a $100 billion industry.

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