Engineers have harnessed the abilities of both a solar cell and a battery in one device.

New figures show Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

Australian researchers have used nanocrystals to boost the production of hydrogen fuel.

Financial forecasts suggest SA’s Tesla lithium-ion battery will make back a third of its construction costs in its first year of operation.

US regulators want to oust Elon Musk as chief executive of Tesla on allegations of securities fraud.

The Federal Government is working on new national recycling targets.

Activists say Adani is being allowed to take too much water.

The warming ocean has led to coral growth off Tasmania.

Nanoparticles from green mango peel could be used to clean up oil sludge.

Melbourne residents are being told to steer clear of certain rivers.

Experts say highly saline flows from the Sydney Desalination Plant will not affect surrounding marine life as commonly believed.

Adani has triggered a new regulatory process for the rail line to its planned Carmichael coal mine.

ASIC says Australian companies should do more to disclose risks posed by climate change.

Federal Labor has given up its opposition the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Researchers have found out what happens when an octopus takes MDMA.

Reports say the NT Government seeks “approval” from gas giant Inpex before it releases details on the project.

Queensland is paving the way for construction of a $400 million waste-to-energy incinerator near Brisbane.

The tide of excitement about wave energy could be on its way out.

Scientists have found what appears to be the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record.

Federal authorities have been pulled into the ongoing strawberry contamination saga.

The Federal Government has ruled Adani does not need a full environmental impact assessment to extract 12.5 billion litres ...

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