South Australia's Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission will not cross–examine federal officials.

Scientists say giant dams could turn north QLD, WA and the NT into even greater agricultural food bowls.

Researchers have uncovered some of the reasons Australian love bottled water despite having some of the highest-quality tap water in the world.

The former president of the NFF says federal politicians are ignoring the link between drought and climate change.

American legal activist Erin Brockovich has arrived in Australia for a lawsuit against the Department of Defence.

Two Cotton farm executives have been arrested over an alleged $20 million fraud involving water-saving funds.

Australian scientists are developing a new evolutionary tree for bacteria based on DNA.

A mothballed Queensland mine has been found to have contaminated waterways.

CSIRO has produced gold using a non-toxic chemical process without cyanide and mercury.

CSIRO has laid out a plan for Australia to maximise its role in the growing hydrogen industry.

The new PM has appointed an anti-wind energy minister, and a coal lobbyist as chief of staff.

The NSW Government will spend $72 million from its Climate Change Fund to help businesses and households reduce energy costs.

An energy expert says Australia’s unclear power policies could lead to an expert brain drain.

Questions have been asked about the source of water for a controversial Northern Territory water bottling operation.

A remote research centre is looking to boost the use of the Kakadu plum.

A review has found feral cat exclosures have had a positive impact on local reptile populations in the NT.

Barnaby Joyce has been accused of tilting the MDBA towards irrigation interests over the environment.

A new study has added to be belief that marine heatwaves will get worse.

Old oil rigs and shipwrecks could help global coral populations flourish.

TasWater says it has removed all of its boil water alerts across the island state.

Citizen scientists from around Australia are helping to build a much better picture of the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

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