A UNSW researcher has become the first Australian to win the prestigious Global Energy Prize, worth more than $820,000.

South Australia's mining lobby has signed a renewable energy deal it hopes will help slash power bills.

A NSW hospital is installing what will be the largest rooftop solar panel system on any healthcare facility in the country.

Plans have been revealed for a new lithium refinery in WA’s Goldfields.

Scientists have discovered honeybees can understand the concept of zero.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has found new evidence that Mars could have supported ancient life.

Melbourne Airport has confirmed PFAS contamination has spread in water beyond the airport boundaries.

NSW water authorities say they will not hesitate to take action on irrigators who flout the law.

Approval has been granted for a billion-dollar wind farm in central Queensland.

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths are making changes in an effort to reduce landfill and water pollution.

Experts say the current decline in Great Barrier Reef coral coverage is a phenomenon that “has not been observed in the historical record”.

Stocks of some large fished species have decreased by about 30 per cent over a decade around Australia.

CSIRO is trying to reduce food waste by adding broccoli to coffee.

The Productivity Commission says special water rights for the mining industry should be scrapped.

A list of 14 sites with high potential for pumped hydro energy storage in Tasmania has been released.

The RSPCA has warned that the NSW’s Government attempt to protect wild horses from being culled will “veto evidence-based management” of their environmental impact.

Energy illiteracy could be preventing some Australians from driving down their power costs.

Australian Paper wants to build a $600 million incinerator to turn waste into power.

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