Victoria has signed its largest ever native title claim.

Advocates are concerned that funds previously earmarked for the NDIS are being used to fund drought relief.

CSIRO has developed an online tool to improve fisheries management in Indonesia.

A new database provides insights into current and past heatwaves around the world.

The Agriculture Minister is responding to claims his department has been unwilling to use its powers to protect animals.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has been accused of maladministration.

Scientists have applied economic techniques to plan for the long-term future of the planet’s coral reefs.

CSIRO has launched a new app to empower citizens scientists to monitor water quality.

Seven million deaths are caused by air pollution each year, new global stats show.

Victoria’s solar power enthusiasm could cause problems.

Australian company directors have nominated climate change as a number one issue for the Federal Government.

Researchers say match-making robots could be used to help increase coral spawning.

Local engineers say all-electric passenger planes are preparing to take off.

The IPA has accused the Morrison Government of breaching Liberal values by threatening energy companies.

Twenty-two eminent Australian scholars and health experts have signed a letter demanding the Federal Government phase out coal.

Australian engineers are testing new sodium-ion batteries for renewable energy storage.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has responded to claims it was damaging its forecasting.

NSW councils have launched a campaign to solve the worsening recycling and waste crisis.

Basic lifeforms have the potential to survive on Mars thanks to briny waters, US researchers say.

The WA Government has released details of its non-lethal SMART shark drum line plans for Gracetown.

Researchers are using the life cycle of sulphur to predict the location of valuable minerals.

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