Treasurer Scott Morrison has threatened to impose financial penalties on governments that limit gas exploration.

The Great Barrier Reef has been valued at $56 billion.

A Panama-based company faces millions in fines for allegedly spilling tonnes of oil near the Great Barrier Reef.

Farmers in NSW’s Lachlan Valley are angry at water sharing rules they say take millions of dollars out of irrigation-dependent communities.

A new report says the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is set to fail.

A little-known ozone-depleting substance is on the rise.

The WA Government has supported a recent decision to cut the water allocation for the Kimberley's Ord Irrigation Scheme.

Global sea level rise has increased by 50 percent in just over two decades, according to Australian and international research.

Opponents of a Queensland coal project have called on the ACCC to investigate what they say is misleading advertising.

One of Australia's biggest electricity companies says coal will not solve ...

Acoustic surveys exploring the seafloor for oil deposits have been linked to a two to three-fold increase in the death of plankton.

Australian engineers are training drones to plant trees.

Researchers have taken a new step toward commercial-scale, sustainable biofuel from algae.

Long before dominating memes and online galleries, the humble cat was planning world domination.

Irrigators in NSW say their communities and agricultural productivity will suffer if high environmental water recovery targets ...

More than 1,000 people have joined a floating protest against a proposed $30 million salmon farm development on Tasmania’s pristine east coast.

A new study warns Australia has drastically underestimated the threat of climate change.

The NSW Government has approved a mine water treatment project aimed at improving Sydney's drinking water supplies.

The WA Government has banned uranium mining, but will allow four projects that have approval to proceed.

Barnaby Joyce says the lights would ‘go out’ if coal was phased out.

Conservationists want the Queensland Government to cap the gas industry's unlimited access to water from the Great Artesian Basin.

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