The Climate Council has responded to criticism of South Australia’s renewable energy network.

A new report uses six key mining projects to show the cosy and secretive relationships between political parties and the mining industry.

Australian experts have found out how plants like rice and wheat can sense and respond to extreme drought stress.

Industrial researchers at CRCMining say they have come up with a safer alternative than gas fracking.

Australian scientists have proved that a warming Earth holds less carbon dioxide.

Sewage has flooded a WA Indigenous community whose future was already “being considered”.

Environmentalists have questioned the independence of a key figure in SA’s nuclear waste dump plan.

The future could run on electric autonomous trucks, according to Elon Musk.

Solar Impulse has landed in Abu Dhabi, becoming the first aircraft to travel around the world without expending a drop of fuel.

South Australia might lose its title as the state with the most expensive electricity.

Governments have almost nothing to show from $200 billion worth of gas investment... 

WWF Australia has bought a shark hunting licence with no intention to use it.

Researchers have combined muscles from a sea slug with a 3D-printed body to create a new ‘biohybrid’ robot.

Air pollution from shipping emissions in East Asia alone leads to to tens of thousands of premature deaths a year.

Fish and ecology experts are working to prevent the extinction of the tiny and incredibly rare native rainbowfish.

Rio Tinto is increasing production to take full advantage of a small bounce back in iron ore prices.

Some of Australia’s top minds want the new Turnbull cabinet to maintain its focus.

The Prime Minister’s new cabinet is expected to produce a lot of new mines.

Former Labor MP Eddie Obeid will soon defend a new criminal case over ...

A big boost to Adelaide Airport’s rooftop solar capacity is now online.

Experts have claimed that Australian medical professionals need to be better trained to read X-rays.

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